Muted terracotta handwoven cowl in wool and silk


The colours of this cowl are warm and subtle. Up close you see tantalising detail and from a distance a subtle pattern full of movement.

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The warm terracotta of this cowl is gently muted with soft grey-browns. The fabric is a double cloth – two layers woven together and interlocked – so it has quite a bit of structure and will stay where you put it! Wear it outdoors, indoors, to dress up a plain jumper or complement a classic winter coat. If, like me, you live in an old (and rather chilly) house, you may find that you put it on in November and wear it right through until May.

The design is built up out of shifting variations of tiny squares and rectangles, so that up close you see tantalising detail and from a distance a subtle pattern full of movement. There are six different naturally dyed yarns in warp and weft, all derived from plants. The fibres are Merino, Blue-faced Leicester and silk.


There are only a few Chromatic cowls left and I am no longer weaving this design.


This cowl is 29 cm deep x 72 cm in circumference (or approximately 11.5 x 28 inches). I tend to favour a fairly loose-fitting cowl, not too snug under the chin, so that is how I have constructed this one.

To prolong the beauty and brightness of your naturally dyed handwoven cowl, please have a look at this care information.


Dundee’s jazz festival is held in the late autumn, when the weather can be either very, very cold or very, very damp. In other words, it’s an occasion for late nights and warm clothing! One year I found myself walking out of a concert into a hard frost, wrapping my handwoven scarf around me. It was a lively blend of purple, orange and gold, and I had the thought: this is the perfect colour palette for live jazz. The idea for my ongoing Jazz Festival collection was born.

I named this design Chromatic in celebration of the subtle shifts of pattern and colour in this complex weave.


This collection is exclusively available direct from Bonny Claith. You will only find it online.

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Presented in a Bonny Claith gift box (+ £4), Wrapped in tissue paper