Minimising the need for washing

Natural fibres love to breathe. If you hang up your Bonny Claith to air after wearing you will find that it stays fresh and doesn’t need to be washed very often.

Washing scarves, cowls and wraps

To prolong the beauty and brightness of the natural dyes, your Bonny Claith should be washed by hand using a pH neutral detergent. I use Ecover Delicate Laundry Liquid, but any similar product will be fine. Avoid using soap or soap flakes as they are too alkaline and can cause permanent damage to the colour.

Rinse once or twice, then gently squeeze out the water without wringing. Next I recommend rolling up your scarf in a clean towel and giving it another squeeze: this is a really effective way to soak up excess water. Dry your garment flat if you can, either on an airer or on a table with another clean, dry towel underneath.

Once it is dry, press gently with a cool iron (one or two dots).

Cleaning purses

Your Bonny Claith purse shouldn’t be immersed in water. Just use a damp cloth to sponge off any marks.


Another tip for preserving the natural colour is to store your Bonny Claith out of direct light. Although the methods I use for dyeing are designed to make the colour as durable as possible, natural dyes are typically more sensitive to light than synthetics. Don’t do what I do and leave your garments strewn over a chair by the window! Oops.

Instead, put your well-aired Bonny Claith away in a drawer or hang it up where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.