Light-toned handwoven cowl in Merino and silk


The cascading design is inspired by the tumbling waters of the Perthshire hills. Wear it outdoors, wear it indoors, wear it everywhere.

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The colours of this cowl are warm and light. Wear it outdoors, indoors, to dress up a plain jumper or complement a classic winter coat. If, like me, you live in an old (and rather chilly) house, you may find that you put it on in November and wear it right through until May.

The distinctive wavy ‘cascade’ design is created by using two warp layers, interlaced with a single weft, which creates a dense but soft fabric to keep you cosy. The warp yarns are blends of Merino and silk dyed with cochineal, madder and chestnut. The weft yarn is a glossy blend of Blue-faced Leicester and silk, dyed with Persian berry for a shimmering creamy gold.

Every Cascade cowl in the Flow collection is individually woven in a unique combination of hand-dyed yarns. There will never be another cowl like yours.


This cowl is 31 cm deep x 62 cm in circumference (or approximately 12 x 24 inches). This cowl is a snugger fit than my usual style; ideal if you like something cosy close under your chin. You can see Shayne modelling it here.

To prolong the beauty and brightness of your naturally dyed handwoven cowl, please have a look at this care information.


I love the sight and sound of a fast-flowing burn, stream or brook. This design celebrates the tumbling waters of Perthshire, where we enjoy walking on our rare ‘weekends off’: the Moness burn in Aberfeldy, the Falls of Dochart in Killin and many smaller waterfalls, unnamed but musical and mesmerising. Using the right-angled interlacement of warp and weft to express a curved line, inspired by nature, is a technique I use a lot in my creative practice and it never fails to make me smile. It’s as defiant as a salmon, leaping upstream.


This collection is exclusively available direct from Bonny Claith. You will find it online or at selected events, but not in any shops or galleries.

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Presented in a Bonny Claith gift box (+ £4), Wrapped in tissue paper