Terracotta and cream textured handwoven scarf in Merino and silk


Penguins have feathers which trap air to retain warmth and survive the long Antarctic winter. I’m not suggesting you wear this scarf on a polar expedition, but its honeycomb structure is designed to keep you warm and snug on chilly days in Scotland.

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If you need a scarf to keep you warm and snug through the chillier months of the year, this is for you. The soft blends of wool and silk are interlaced in a honeycomb structure to trap air and retain warmth. It is versatile too. One side is predominantly terracotta and the other a gentle creamy beige, so you can style it for two quite different looks.

I’ve used two different yarns in this scarf: a blend of Merino and silk, which is particularly soft and easy to wear, and a blend of Blue-Faced Leicester and silk which adds a glossy note. They are naturally dyed for long-lasting colour with cochineal, Persian berry and alkanet.

Every scarf in the Naturally Warm collection is individually woven in a unique combination of hand-dyed yarns. There will never be another scarf like yours.


This scarf is 20 cm wide x 167 cm long (or approximately 8 x 66 inches). The fringe adds approx 9 cm (3.5 inches) at each end.

To prolong the beauty and brightness of your naturally dyed handwoven scarf, please have a look at this care information.


I became interested in this particular honeycomb interlacement a few years ago, when I discovered that all the books in my weaving library had recorded it incorrectly. I spent a long time tracking the same mistake back through the weaving literature. My nerdy side was fully engaged in pursuit of the problem! When I had finally established what it ought to look like, of course I had to try it – and discovered a lovely, textured weave with a lively feeling of movement. Delightfully, the name of the structure is Brighton Honeycomb, which sounds like a sweetie you’d eat beside the sea.


This collection is exclusively available direct from Bonny Claith. You will find it online or at selected events, but not in any shops or galleries.

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Presented in a Bonny Claith gift box (+ £4), Wrapped in tissue paper