Red and orange handwoven wrap in Merino and silk


This rich, warm wrap is a complete one-off, titled Groove is an Elusive Thing. The striking colour palette and large scale pattern make a vibrant combination.

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This is a warm and generous wool/silk wrap. It is long and wide enough to be a garment in itself, and it has two layers of warp yarns which make it extra dense and perfect for colder weather. One of the warp layers is hand-painted in a subtle transition from deep red to orange and back to red, which is set off by the subtle greenish gold of the second layer. The two layers combine with a red weft to make a riotously off-kilter pattern that can’t be overlooked.

The yarns are blends of merino and silk. I used madder, cochineal and weld to create the colour palette.

Every piece in the Jazz Festival collection is individually woven in a unique combination of hand-dyed yarns. There will never be another wrap like yours.


This wrap is 41 cm wide x 187 cm long (or approximately 16 x 74 inches). The fringe adds approx 14 cm (5.5 inches) at each end.

To prolong the beauty and brightness of your naturally dyed handwoven wrap, please have a look at this care information.


I named this design Groove is an Elusive Thing in celebration of the inner glow that comes from listening to live jazz in cold weather. The unique interleaved design is never precisely repeated, but progresses with each iteration.

Dundee’s jazz festival is held in the late autumn, when the weather can be either very, very cold or very, very damp. In other words, it’s an occasion for late nights and warm clothing! One year I found myself walking out of a concert into a hard frost, wrapping my handwoven scarf around me. It was a lively blend of purple, orange and gold, and I had the thought: this is the perfect colour palette for live jazz. The idea for my ongoing Jazz Festival collection was born.


This collection is exclusively available direct from Bonny Claith. You will find it online or at selected events, but not in any shops or galleries.

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Presented in a Bonny Claith gift box, Wrapped in tissue paper