Olive green handwoven scarf in Merino, silk and yak


This waterfall-inspired scarf is a celebration of beautiful, natural greens. A brighter yellow-green is perfectly paired with a more muted shade for a taste of lush summer greenery all year round.

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This scarf is a celebration of beautiful, natural greens. One side is a brighter yellow-green, while the other side is a little darker and more muted. They are perfectly paired for a taste of lush summer greenery all year round.

The warp and weft yarns in this scarf are a luxurious blend of Merino, silk and yak for exceptional softness and warmth. The warp yarn is dyed with weld and the weft with myrobalan. The band of waterfall-inspired pattern is created using a double layer of finer Merino/silk yarns dyed with pomegranate and weld.

Every Linn scarf in the Flow collection is individually woven in a unique combination of hand-dyed yarns. There will never be another scarf like yours.


This scarf is 22 cm wide x 165 cm long (or approximately 8.5 x 65 inches). The fringe adds approx 9 cm (3.5 inches) at each end.

To prolong the beauty and brightness of your naturally dyed handwoven scarf, please have a look at this care information.


‘Linn’ is a local word for waterfall, and I’ve named this design for the Reekie Linn in Glen Isla, which is an impressive sight in full spate. It is surprisingly accessible – just a short walk from the road – and in an area otherwise dominated by fields and farms. I planned my design to incorporate calm plains of solid colour broken by a riot of pattern, in celebration of the Isla’s unexpectedly deep gorge and fast-flowing waters.


This collection is exclusively available direct from Bonny Claith. You will find it online or at selected events, but not in any shops or galleries.

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Presented in a Bonny Claith gift box (+ £4), Wrapped in tissue paper